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Safe start for young Scottish electricians

The next generation of young Scottish electricians

Following on from the 400 who benefitted last year, almost five hundred young trainees are being supplied this year with free lockout kits worth £30 by Electrical Safety First and SECTT. Scottish ElectriciansThese kits could potentially save their lives when correctly used as part of the safe isolation procedure. “We believe it’s vital that safe working practices and procedures are undertaken right across the industry”, explains Phil Buckle, Director General of Electrical Safety First.

“To be properly effective, the safe isolation procedure needs to be established right from the beginning of an electrician’s career. These lockout kits don’t just provide trainees with essentialsafety equipment that we hope will help make safe isolation an ingrained habit – they could also make the difference between life and death. “The kits will be provided to students from the Shetland Isles to the Borders who are studying at 20 Approved Centres across Scotland”, adds Anne Galbraith, Chief Executive of SECTT. “Our continuing partnership with Electrical Safety First means we’ve been able to share the cost of these indispensable safety devices and help safeguard the next generation of Scottish electricians.”

The Scottish Electrical Charitable Trust (SECTT) is a registered charity whose sole remit is the management of the Scottish Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry Training Schemes. The SECTT website ( provides essential information about careers in the electrical industry and useful

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